Yes, the rink has closed!  However, people are asking if I will come to them for lessons where ever they are practicing.  Yes I will!  The only issue is negotiating the travel expense depending on location.  Feel free to contact me to organize an individual lesson, group lesson, indoors, outdoors, where ever you are skating.

Roller-skating is a great fitness activity.  Lessons will increase your leg strength and balance.  Basic skating techniques, Derby prep, figures, and dance (waltz, tango, etc. no partner needed) are offered.

Adult beginners are very welcome!  Please wear wrist guards and a helmet if desired.  For your comfort, be sure to wear loose, non-restrictive clothing.

Private lessons (one-on-one instruction) can be arranged as scheduling allows. The rate is $20.00 per half hour. (Plus travel)

Semi-private group ate (2) is $12.50 per person for half an hour. (Plus travel)

Groups of 3-5 skaters are $10.00 each per 45 minutes. (Plus travel)

Have a larger group?  Contact me for a quote!

To arrange for your lesson contact connie_skates@hotmail.com  or call 204-996-6872.

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